First Baptist Church of Madison County

first baptist church of madison countyWhen it was time for me to attend kindergarten my parents decided to take me to the one provided by the Madison Baptist Church on Main Street. There, I had two wonderful teachers and many classmates I knew through high school. Later, I attended services in the new sanctuary for a couple of years because of that sentimental bond of youth and friendship that took place in the older buildings. Many of my classmates and their families have continued to attend the church or started churches of their own in other communities. There’s no denying there’s a fostering community inside those doors.

When the town of Madison Station was in its early days of growth, a number of proclaimed Baptists felt the need to organize a church meeting within their community. They met on November 3, 1889 and formed Madison Station Baptist Church with ten charter members and nineteen persons proclaiming membership. Minutes recorded by the acting clerk Mr. W.T. Coleman, in his own handwriting: “A number of Christian brethren of regular Baptist Churches of Christ living in and near Madison Street, having set upon this the first Lord’s day of November 1889, as a time for organizing a new church of the same faith and order, assembled at the Presbyterian house of worship at 4 p.m.”

The first pastor was J.R. Casten, who was to preach one Sunday a month with a salary of $150 a year. The church adhered to the articles of faith from Pendleton’s Church Manual according to a vote accepted by the members.