Madison County: Having the Best Time of Your Life

cliffy falls state parkMadison County is considered to be as one of the most kid-friendly places in the world. Such place is making sure that families who are visiting the place will certainly have the best time of their life with the best experience there can possibly be.

If you and your family are on your way to you much awaited vacation and are heading to Madison County, indeed, you are on your way to get the best feeling yet to come. If you are going to stay over the night, one of the best places that you can opt to stay in is the Clifty Falls State Park. Clifty Falls State Park is the best place for people who are into great outdoor adventure as this place has a lot to offer starting from camping sites, hiking trails, beautiful places to take a dip and dive, nature center as well as fantastic lodges. There are always lots of fun and exciting activities at the park that tourists can participate on, therefore, you better not forget to ask. However, if the reason for you and your family’s vacation is just to relax and unwind, you go to the Clifty Inn to stay, or if you want, you can opt for one of their guest houses which are fully furnished. There is always something that will keep your company and entertained so that you will have the best experience you deserve to have.

If you are a historian wannabe or your just love to try something out of the ordinary just for the sake of experiencing the previous era, you head to the Railroad Station situated at the Jefferson County History Center to get a taste of how railway traveling was like way back 100 years ago. As for your kids, this is the time for them to enjoy the red caboose as well as the general stores and school rooms that were preserved for the benefit of the present and next generation.

If you and your family love to eat and are interested in trying various cuisines and dishes, Madison County has lots of that to offer. For your kids, they won’t ever get hungry while you are at Madison County as there are so many coffee shops and restaurants that are kids friendly hence they will be getting the best treatment and the best service there is. Speaking of coffee shops and restaurants, you should never forget to try the food served at The Sweeter Life or Red Peppermint if you want to be filled with sumptuous meals to last you a lifetime. They will give your stomach the best treat you can ever have. If you are craving for some shakes, or perhaps you want to quench your thirst visit from place to place, you can try the shakes served at Hinkles as they have the best shakes in town. As for the kids, they will surely love Cocoa Safari as they can get tasty rewards over there.

Shilo Farm is known to offer the infamous trail rides hence if you want to try such activity with your family; you need to do some payments ahead of time and ready some of your cowboy outfits.

If you want to spend some time alone with the one you love without the company of your family or friends, then Madison County is the right place for you. As a matter of fact, it is included in the list of the thirteen most romantic places.

Madison is known to offer lots of great bed and breakfasts that will certainly put you and your partner in a good mood. You get to choose from those who are using the old world style or from those who are making the most of the new and modern ones. Whatever it is you will choose, one thing is for sure; you will get the best. There is also that infamous Madison Vineyard that houses the best quality of vines and wines. They will offer you a secluded wine experience in the middle of the vineyard.

Once you have had your breakfast, you can start your day together by taking a stroll along the riverfront or go for a gentle hike at the Clifty Falls State Park. You can also go downtown to do some shopping and enter their famous boutiques for some trendy and stylish fashion.

After spending the whole day together, you can enjoy a romantic time while soaking in a hot tub. Afterward, you can stay outside and do some moon gazing while talking about your experiences that day.

Madison County has so much more to offer. The best way for you to discover all of them is to visit the place and experience it first-hand.